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Docile Trust: Living as Creatures of the Creator

https://youtu.be/TujpyvQVAdg In this episode, Tony Crescio, discusses how an overemphasis on the capabilities of modern science has led to a misremembering of our creatureliness as humans, and more specifically, as creatures “created in the...
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Divine Tolerance

https://youtu.be/tVvKQQ9IKfw Tolerance is a word we hear regularly thrown about in the public square, and often elevated as a supreme virtue. But we hardly ever hear about what tolerance is, and ironically, the would-be champions of toleran...
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Whisked Along in Love

https://youtu.be/qmbcYd358Ys Among the spiritual works of mercy is the admonishing of sinners. Though not a work of mercy many of us would choose to carry out, it is precisely the work Jesus calls us to in the Gospel this Sunday. As Tony Cresci...
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St. Monica and Spiritual Motherhood

Among other things, the celebration of the life of St. Monica today represents the fulfilment of a son’s prayer. At the end of Book Nine of his Confessions, St. Augustine of Hippo asks his readers to pray for his parents, most especially within ...
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A Kingdom of Beauty: Part 3

https://youtu.be/QySlwF-tV5o In the Gospel for the Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus teaches us once again about the Kingdom of Heaven through parables. As Tony Crescio explains, three parables we hear this Sunday speak to the abso...
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Memorial of Saints John de Brébeuf and Isaac Jogues, & Companions

Blessed Memorial of Saints John de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues, & Companions, Martyrs! Today's memorial celebrates some of those who gave their lives for Christ on our continent. In his letters, St. Isaac Jogues demonstrates a fierce and undaun...
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