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Living in the Virtue of God

https://youtu.be/B3yMi2ALSWo On this 3rd Sunday of Lent, we are reminded of a side of Jesus not often spoken about in the cleansing of the Temple. As Tony explains, this episode teaches us that Jesus is not just a nice guy who wants to be o...
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The Sacrifice of Faith

https://youtu.be/Kdc3OloV4_M As we celebrate the Second Sunday of Lent, we are confronted by what appear to be radically different scenes from Scripture. On the one hand, we witness the terrifying Akedah, and on the other the Transfiguratio...
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40 Days in the Desert

https://youtu.be/7UP6rG2Npwo As we enter into the Season of Lent, the Church calls us to a participatory imitation of Christ's 40 day experience in the desert. As Tony explains, God desires for these 40 days in the desert to be a period of ...
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The Imitation Game

https://youtu.be/36h-QSIp6bQ On this 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time, St. Paul calls us to be imitators of him as he is an imitator of Christ. As Tony explains, by doing so, Paul is drawing from the ethics of the ancient world, which placed imi...
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The God Who Heals

https://youtu.be/ofLclFbP-64 This weekend, as we celebrate the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, we confront one of the most difficult realities of human life, suffering. As Tony explains, our readings for this weekend teach us six important poi...
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Called to Live Prophetically

https://youtu.be/JSq8Xdow7Lg On this Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Church teaches us more about what it means to live out our created missional identities. In our first reading from the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses tells the People of I...
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I Have My Mission

https://youtu.be/ShGE94SO3DA Friends, on this Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, we continue to learn more about what it means to live as a human creature. Specifically, as Tony explains, in our readings this Sunday, we discover that our identi...
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You Are Not Your Own

https://youtu.be/dZv31wOKEjE On this Second Sunday of Ordinary Time, Tony discusses two very difficult but essential spiritual lessons that this weekend's readings teach us, both of which are radically countercultural message. The first is,...
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Docile Trust: Living as Creatures of the Creator

https://youtu.be/TujpyvQVAdg In this episode, Tony Crescio, discusses how an overemphasis on the capabilities of modern science has led to a misremembering of our creatureliness as humans, and more specifically, as creatures “created in the...
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