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Sent by Name

https://youtu.be/2PTy8eI2AcY On this Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, we hear Jesus calling His twelve disciples. As Tony Crescio explains in his reflection, there is deep significance to the calling of the twelve on both communal and indi...
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Why Pray The Stations of the Resurrection?

While not yet as popular as the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross), or, the Stations of the Cross, the Via Lucis (Way of Light), or, the Stations of the Resurrection, is a beautiful Easter compliment to it. As the Directory on Popular Piety and the L...
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A Healthy Indifference

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: 7-31-16 Peace be with You, Over the last several weeks, we have been receiving a course in the fundamentals of discipleship from Jesus.  We have seen that the life of discipleship is: 1) founded upon a relati...
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Active Contemplation

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: 7-17-16 Peace be with You, Last week, through the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus showed us what it means to live a life in imitation of Him when it comes to loving service of our neighbor.  This week, a ...
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