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I Have My Mission

https://youtu.be/ShGE94SO3DA Friends, on this Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, we continue to learn more about what it means to live as a human creature. Specifically, as Tony explains, in our readings this Sunday, we discover that our identi...
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You Are Not Your Own

https://youtu.be/dZv31wOKEjE On this Second Sunday of Ordinary Time, Tony discusses two very difficult but essential spiritual lessons that this weekend's readings teach us, both of which are radically countercultural message. The first is,...
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Docile Trust: Living as Creatures of the Creator

https://youtu.be/TujpyvQVAdg In this episode, Tony Crescio, discusses how an overemphasis on the capabilities of modern science has led to a misremembering of our creatureliness as humans, and more specifically, as creatures “created in the...
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Giving God His Due

https://youtu.be/XVlgWx1YtwQ This weekend, Jesus turns a would-be trap by those who oppose Him into a deep spiritual lesson on the nature of human life. Taking a look at a denarius which bore the image of the Roman Emperor, Jesus says, "rep...
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It’s Never Too Late

https://youtu.be/FW6A60S_PZU On this 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus teaches us the parable of the landowner calling laborers into his vineyard to work. As Tony Crescio explains in his reflection, with this parable, Jesus reveals someth...
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The Finest Quality of the Human Family

https://youtu.be/c4LoATGabE4 On this Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus teaches us a very difficult spiritual lesson in his rebuke of St. Peter. The only way to grow in holiness is to die to our false selves, the selves that we ha...
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Sent by Name

https://youtu.be/2PTy8eI2AcY On this Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, we hear Jesus calling His twelve disciples. As Tony Crescio explains in his reflection, there is deep significance to the calling of the twelve on both communal and indi...
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Through Him, With Him, and In Him

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHJFDn2au74 In his reflection for this weekend, Tony Crescio reflects on the meaning of Jesus telling us that He is going to prepare the way for us in His Father's House in light of the Cross of Christ. As Tony e...
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The Resolve of Love

https://youtu.be/zdxQqND1boE In his Gospel reflection for Palm Sunday, Tony focuses on the two figures of Judas and Peter. As Tony explains, these two figures are tragic in their own ways, yet have much to teach us about what we have been creat...
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