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St. Augustine of Hippo

You Are Not Your Own

https://youtu.be/dZv31wOKEjE On this Second Sunday of Ordinary Time, Tony discusses two very difficult but essential spiritual lessons that this weekend's readings teach us, both of which are radically countercultural message. The first is,...
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Investing Our Talents

https://youtu.be/9yBnRIaFsM0 On this 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus teaches us a key spiritual lesson concerning our love for Christ through the parable of the talents. In effect, this parable poses a question to us, have we worked dil...
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Learning to Love Like God

https://youtu.be/ddObgWXTEV8 On this 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time, we hear Jesus proclaim the greatest commandment, that we are to love God with our whole heart, soul and mind. This is something we hear often, and the fact that we do can te...
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Giving God His Due

https://youtu.be/XVlgWx1YtwQ This weekend, Jesus turns a would-be trap by those who oppose Him into a deep spiritual lesson on the nature of human life. Taking a look at a denarius which bore the image of the Roman Emperor, Jesus says, "rep...
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The Wedding Feast of the Kingdom

https://youtu.be/Z-IOhGepP_M On this Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus continues to teach us about the Kingdom of God through parables, this time through the parable of the wedding feast. As Tony explains, through the analogical ...
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St. Augustine of Hippo On The Christian Life of Prayer-Pt. 2

In part one of this article on St. Augustine’s understanding of the Christian life of prayer we saw that for Augustine, prayer forms the Christian life to such an extent that it can itself be thought of as a prayer. We then began to explore the ...
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St. Augustine of Hippo on The Christian Life of Prayer-Pt. 1

In his biography of the life of his saintly teacher, Possidius, the Bishop of Calama, describes St. Augustine of Hippo as a man who exemplified the things he taught. Possidius writes,   not only was he a ‘scribe instructed unto the kingdom of...
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St. Monica and Spiritual Motherhood

Among other things, the celebration of the life of St. Monica today represents the fulfilment of a son’s prayer. At the end of Book Nine of his Confessions, St. Augustine of Hippo asks his readers to pray for his parents, most especially within ...
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Praying for God’s Justice

https://youtu.be/PwrmtbkOMB4 In the Gospel for this 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, we hear of Jesus' encounter with a Canaanite woman, who comes to plead with Jesus on behalf of her daughter who is possessed by a demon. In his reflection, To...
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