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Perpetua & Felicity: Striving for Eternal Happiness

The desire for happiness is a universal human experience. From of old philosophers have constructed their theories of what it means to live a good life based on this self-evident truth and have sought to articulate for the human family the path ...
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Whisked Along in Love

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time: 9-10-17 Peace be with You, This weekend brings several of the themes we have been exploring as of late to new depth, doing so in the fashion of providing more detail.  Specifically, our focus for today will...
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The School of Happiness-Part 2

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time: 2-26-17 Peace be with You, Today is the last Sunday of Ordinary Time which we will celebrate prior to beginning the Season of Lent this coming Wednesday with the celebration of Ash Wednesday.  The Season of Lent ...
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The School of Happiness-Part 1

Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time: 2-19-17 Peace be with You, The last several weekends have found us making our way through the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount.  And as we have made our way along, we have ever kept in mind that he who proclaims these...
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The Fabric of Happiness

Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time: 2-12-17 Peace be with You, Over the last couple of weekends we have been exploring the understanding of Jesus Christ, the Son of God incarnate, as the Light of the world.  Moreover, we have been deepening our unde...
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Climbing the Ladder of Beatitude

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time: 1-29-17 Peace be with You, This weekend our readings invite us to pick up right where we left off our lesson as to how we are to live in imitation of the Lamb of God.  But first let’s recall what we have learned ...
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