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Human Beauty

The Finest Quality of the Human Family

https://youtu.be/c4LoATGabE4 On this Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus teaches us a very difficult spiritual lesson in his rebuke of St. Peter. The only way to grow in holiness is to die to our false selves, the selves that we ha...
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The School of Happiness-Part 2

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time: 2-26-17 Peace be with You, Today is the last Sunday of Ordinary Time which we will celebrate prior to beginning the Season of Lent this coming Wednesday with the celebration of Ash Wednesday.  The Season of Lent ...
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Mr. Church and Finding the True Self in a Complete Gift of Self (Spoiler Alert)

By Tony Crescio “Henry Joseph Church could’ve been anything he wanted to be, he chose to cook, the key he said, jazz.”  These are the opening lines of the 2016 film, “Mr. Church,” starring Eddie Murphy as the title character.  Mr. Church drops int...
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Blood Father & Restoring Innocence (Spoiler Alert)

By Tony Crescio Mel Gibson stars as John Link in the 2016 film, Blood Father, the story of a down-and-out, ex-con father looking for his estranged 17 year old daughter Lydia (Erin Moriarty).  We first join John in a church where he is attending an...
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Anne Rice and the Story of Love

In writing of her approach to the novel, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, Anne Rice describes the challenge of being able “to take the Jesus of the Gospels, and try to get inside him and imagine what he felt.”  In this Rice is similar to any modern rea...
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Finding One Another in Beauty

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: 9-4-16 Peace be with You, As we have seen the last several weeks, receiving pedagogical training from Jesus is challenging to say the very least.  At one and the same time we hear our Lord warning us of the...
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