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St. Irenaeus

Understanding Christmas Through Mary

Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God-January 1 My Dear Friends in Christ, With many of the Christmas trees waiting to be or already having been picked up curbside, we may be tempted to think that the Christmas Season has...
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Polycarp: A Patron Saint for Lent

February 23rd Today the Church commemorates one of the most acclaimed figures of its early life, St. Polycarp, bishop and martyr. The greatness of Polycarp’s reputation is really astounding when one considers how little we know of his life. H...
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The Weeping Savior

Fifth Sunday of Lent: 4-2-17 Peace be with You, We began our journey through the Season of Lent five and a half weekends ago on Ash Wednesday by being reminded of the radically contingent quality of the lives we live.  For by being reminded tha...
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Hearing to See

Fourth Sunday of Lent: 3-26-17 Peace be with You, We have come to Laetare Sunday, the name traditionally given to the fourth Sunday of the Lenten Season.   “Laetare” is the singular imperative form of the Latin word “laetare,” meaning “to rejoi...
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Raising the Fallen

First Sunday of Lent: 3-5-17 Peace be with You, This Sunday we celebrate the First Sunday of Lent.  That being said, we should not think for one moment that the transition into a new liturgical season marks an abrupt shift in what the Church ha...
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The School of Happiness-Part 2

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time: 2-26-17 Peace be with You, Today is the last Sunday of Ordinary Time which we will celebrate prior to beginning the Season of Lent this coming Wednesday with the celebration of Ash Wednesday.  The Season of Lent ...
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The School of Happiness-Part 1

Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time: 2-19-17 Peace be with You, The last several weekends have found us making our way through the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount.  And as we have made our way along, we have ever kept in mind that he who proclaims these...
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Blood Father & Restoring Innocence (Spoiler Alert)

By Tony Crescio Mel Gibson stars as John Link in the 2016 film, Blood Father, the story of a down-and-out, ex-con father looking for his estranged 17 year old daughter Lydia (Erin Moriarty).  We first join John in a church where he is attending an...
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