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Mary Mother of God

Understanding Christmas Through Mary

https://youtu.be/VaKoOW2wMPQ Today concludes the celebration of the Octave of Christmas, and properly speaking, marks the midway point of the celebration of the Incarnation that began on Christmas Eve and that will not conclude until with t...
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A Dwelling Place for God

https://youtu.be/K9a5NapAR4Q We have arrived at the Fourth and final Sunday of Advent, and this Sunday we see God's plan for the human family fully revealed in the Annunciation. As Tony explains, it is in Mary that God's purpose for the Inc...
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The Annunciation: Paradigm for Christian Life

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76xEBerNpLc In this presentation, Tony discusses how reflection on the Annunciation in light of several other episodes from Mary's life serves as a paradigm for the Christian life, especially when reflected upon ...
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The Celebration of the Lord’s Presentation

As the season of Christmas is definitively over, one can ask a perennial question: if we take December 25 as the first (and not the last) day of the Christmas season, what is the ending day? Ordinary time returns with a green liturgical col...
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The Joy of Advent

Third Sunday of Advent-Cycle A My Dear Friends in Christ, Today we celebrate the Third Sunday of Advent, traditionally known as Gaudete Sunday. “Gaudete” comes from the Latin word “gaudium,” meaning joy, gladness or delight. And so th...
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An Interview with Rosary Maker, Marissa Lesinski

Hi Marissa, thanks for agreeing to this interview. When did you start making rosaries, and what got you into it in the first place? I started making rosaries some time in my early 20s. I made my first rosary as a gift to my then boyfriend,...
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