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Lauda Sion: St. Thomas Aquinas & Corpus Christi

The period spanning from late April to early June is characterized by a rapid succession of significant Church feasts: Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, and the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. Each of these feasts, brimming with p...
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At the Crossroads of Divine Love and Human Cruelty: The Reproaches of Good Friday

Holy Week, stands above all others as the high point on the Church’s liturgical calendar due to its profound spiritual and theological significance, as well as the rich variety of liturgical forms and ancient customs. These seven days, brimming ...
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Music as an Instrument of Prayer

Personal prayer, alongside active participation in the Eucharistic liturgy, stands as an indispensable tool for cultivating and nurturing our relationship with God in daily life. However, delving into a state of profound and authentic prayer pos...
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Rejoice in the Lord Always: Gaudete Sunday

Amidst the four candles of the Advent wreath, one stands out in rose color, symbolizing the Third Sunday known as Gaudete Sunday. This Sunday’s liturgy resounds with a powerful yet seemingly simple message, "Rejoice!" The concept of Christian...
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Preparing Space for the Lord Within

Christmas, a season characterized by its festive spirit, joyous decorations, seasonal concerts, and culinary delights, stands as the undisputed favorite time of the year for many. The popular narrative of Christmas often aligns with our intuitiv...
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Media Vita: All Souls’ Day

The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, also known as the Feast of All Souls, is a time dedicated to fervent prayers for our dearly departed. Remembering those close to us who have recently passed is a profoundly intimate and emotional a...
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Understanding Active Participation in the Liturgy: Part 2

In part 1 on this series on active participation in the liturgy, I discussed the topic in a general way, covering some aspects of the concept's historical development. Active participation is one of the critical conditions necessary to make the ...
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