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FRESH Exemplars

The history of Christianity is full a heroes, some of whom the Christian Tradition refers to as saints. At FRESHImage, those who are officially recognized as saints and some of those who have not yet been so recognized are called FRESH Exemplars, because they so beautifully manifest lives of Faith and Respect (Love), lives that are centered on the Eucharist and so thoroughly nourished by Scripture that it’s almost as if they had walked out of its very pages. For this reason, they show us what it means to live a life of Hope and be a source of hope in a world so deeply troubled. These heroes of the Christian faith each have something unique to teach us about who God is, and who He calls each of us to be in relationship with Him and one another. Learn more about these great individuals here and be inspired to be the saint God created you to be, allowing Him to bathe the world in His saving love through you!