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Advent: Learning to Love with the Love of God

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Dearest Friends in Christ,

As we prepare to enter into the upcoming Season of Advent, making preparations for the coming of Christ by learning to be more like Him, it is important to remember that we cannot do this alone. To be sure, becoming like Christ demands the efforts of ascetical and penitential practices as we said in our last post. However, ultimately becoming like Christ by acquiring His virtues is a gift of God’s grace accomplished in us by the action of the Holy Spirit. 

In this our experience is analogous to that of Mary. For, just as Christ was conceived in the womb of Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit, so too Christ is conceived in our souls by the power of that same Spirit of Love. Throughout human history it has always been the Holy Spirit that has guided and continues to guide the human family closer to our God by drawing them into ever deeper communion with Christ: 

To love as we are called to love is only made possible through the Holy Spirit…Fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, such as the tongues of fire that fell upon the Apostles at Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4), or the pillar of fire that led the People of Israel through the desert by night in Exodus (Ex 13:21-22)…As we make our way through Advent it is imperative that we pray for the grace to be docile to the Spirit’s action within us so that we might become more and more like Christ by growing in his virtues. For, as the Annunciation most beautifully shows, the Spirit of God only moves in one direction and has one effect, toward Christ so as to make us more like Him…Therefore, our Advent journey moves from Light to Light, the fire of the Holy Spirit binding us to Christ Who is the Light of the World so as to increasingly saturate us with his radiant presence (Tony Crescio, “The Advent Wreath’s Lesson on Virtue”). 

Enkindle the fire of His love within your heart this Advent Season. Start your Advent off the right way by blessing your Advent Wreath at home and make this beautiful sacramental a part of your family’s traditions!

Can’t find your Advent Wreath, there is still time to pick one up!

Be sure to check our Advent homepage frequently to find resources to help you on your journey through this beautiful Season, and invite your family and friends to come on this journey with you.

Don’t let this moment pass by!

Advent 2021 begins this Sunday, Nov. 28. 

Your servants in Christ,

The FRESHImage Team 

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