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Mary: A Woman of the Word

Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

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Christifying Thanksgiving: The Thanksgiving Table Blessing

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Seeing God in All Things with Thomas Merton

Saint Benedict: A Guide to Sanctity

An Epiphanic Visit

“God has given you to me.” St. John Paul II’s Economy of Gift.

“Imitate the Earth” – St. Basil the Great on the Principle of Detachment

A Threefold Eucharistic Lesson

Co-Responsible for the Mission of the Church

Conscience as the Voice of Love

Mr. Church and Finding the True Self in a Complete Gift of Self (Spoiler Alert)

Blood Father & Restoring Innocence (Spoiler Alert)

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Andrei Rublev: A Journey to the Divine

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True Freedom and the Beautiful Life

Echoing Switchfoot

The Door to Love

What Makes Us Human, Makes Us Beautiful

Living Sermons

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Love Cannot Be Contained

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