About Us

 Mission Statement

FRESH Image Ministries is a nonprofit media apostolate aimed at reawakening the recognition of the dignity of the human person within the culture.  Built on the foundation of the Good News of Jesus Christ and its intrinsic humanism, this apostolate seeks to empower individuals by assisting them in recognizing the inherent worth with which they have been created, regardless of their current state in life.  Utilizing both the latest and timeless forms of media, FRESH Image Ministries wishes to engage the culture through the individual that society may become a place where each and every individual has the opportunity to flourish into the person he or she has been created to be; completely unique in personality and mission.


Our Message Begins with our Name

From the moment you read our name, you have begun to read our message.  The word “FRESH” in our name is both acronym and modifier.  The acronym denotes five simple, but key elements of an approach to life which recognizes the dignity of all human life:



F- is for Faith.  Though we are Christian in basis, faith here does not exclusively mean the faith espoused by Christianity.  This is the simple recognition that there is a power that is higher than us, and that we have a Creator and that each and every single person is a unique instance of His creation.  In the end, for us, this finally means that our lives are not about us, but instead, that we all have a unique purpose in life for which we have been created.

R- is for Respect.  Respect here basically a stand in for the Christian concept of charity or love in the theological sense.  It means respect for the Creator and his creation, respect for the self as steward of the Creator’s creation, and respect for others.  Respect and love are owed first to God, but no less to our fellow human beings as they are each special works of the Creator and as such have inestimable worth.

E- is for Endurance. We recognize that none of us is a perfected version of the self that we were created to be, but rather that life is a process of constant change, either for the better or the worse.  Therefore, endurance is needed to stay focused on the goal of becoming the people we were created to be which at the same time means accomplishing the mission for which we have been created.

S- is for Scheme. Scheme here means setting goals.  And, for us this means discerning what it is that we have been created for.  In other words, finding our mission in life and setting the necessary goals, both long and short term in order to accomplish that mission.

H- is for Hope.  Just a simple glance at our world is sometimes cause for anxiety.  However, we believe that we have reason to hope.  We hope both in the Good News of Jesus Christ who is the Lord of history, which is ultimately in his hands, and in the transformational ability of the human person, both in making personal change and societal change.


FRESH- also means reawakening and reinvigorating our understanding of the way in which we have been created.  Here we employ the Christian concept of imago Dei, which is denoted by the word “Image” in our name.

Image- stands for the Christian belief that each and every single human person has been created in the image and likeness of God.  It is our belief that because we are created in this image and likeness that each and every single person is priceless, regardless of state in life.  We believe that each person is a unique reflection of the Creator, and as such, has a unique mission in life which in some way reflects or teaches us something about who God is.  Consequently, if someone does not fulfill their purpose in life, either through fault of their own or causes extraneous to them, we all miss out on something that is priceless, i.e. a new way of knowing God through that person.